Yog is not only a form of exercise but a way of  life. This spiritual practice not only balances the body but also the mind. The body is naturally enlightened with this form of exercise. In our daily routine, we manage to do many ‘Asanas’ which we are unaware of because the body is always flowing towards it, sometimes to relax and sometimes to do our day to day work. only the mind has to be made aware of this spiritual science which the body is meant to acquire.

Our aim is to make people aware of their Inherent potential and capabilities. To educate people that a healthy body not only leads to a healthy mind but also to a healthy, cheerful and purposeful life. We help people become acquainted with the peace that lies within every individual. A spark which needs to be lit for a more confident and a stress-free living.

Yoga is the most beneficial form of exercise. This ancient knowledge of our ancestors has much to give people than they can possibly imagine. Yoga deals with all the aspects of the human body. In the physical aspect, it helps in keeping weight under check, building strength and making the body more flexible with every move. It keeps the human body fit for a longer period of time. It disciplines the body as well. Psychologically it helps to deal with day to day stress in a way that people feel more energetic and less exhausted. Use of mental energy in stress related matters can drain a person physically and mentally. Meditation and breath control techniques in yoga can help a person be focused and happier. Pranayama and some basic forms of concentration exercise can help a person develop spirituality too. The senses of a person tends to become more aware and active. Instead of quantity sleep they get quality sleep. Yoga disciplines the body by keeping the body under check at all times even for food. The person starts in taking quality food instead of taking quantity food. Keeping the brain more focused and healthy. Surya Pranaam also called the overall exercise is best done every morning. It has 12 asanas focusing on all the body parts of a person. The 12 asanas are done with mantras to create an environment of positive vibrations. According to science if Surya pranaam is done properly 11 times every morning it keeps the body fit and flexible. Proper breathing along with the asana can help dispel many ailments from the body. Many people have taken to yoga to free themselves from chronic diseases like cancer etc. and with positive results. Yoga is more like a way of life. It is mostly beneficial for digestive system also, increasing the metabolism of the body. Many people have recovered from digestive problems by following kriyas like kunjal kriya. Bandhas are also an important form of yoga. The three major bandha are Moola bandha, Jalandhar bandha, and Udyan bandha. They focus on the whole body Jalandhar bandha helps a lot with thyroid and throat related problems. Moola bandha helps with the lower body, all the problems related to the lower abdomen. While udyanbandha helps with all the problems related to digestion. Breath related techniques like pranayama (Kapalbhati, Anuloma Vilom etc.) help with lung and sinus issues. Breathing,  the most essential exercise of the body is generally ignored. Breathing properly breathing is very important for the body. Yoga helps achieve that aim.